Sunday, 7 November 2010

They Say ...

... a change is as good as a holiday! Whoever 'They' are?! Well, I'm not sure I entirely agree, but the rearranging of my bedroom this past week was a good change.
And I finally have an armchair in my bedroom, which I am sitting in as I type this!

We needed to get an armchair out of the family room to make room for some other things, and my room was the only place where it would fit. But that meant I had to almost totally rearrange the other furniture in my room to accommodate it.

I didn't mind all that much. I'd been thinking about rearranging things anyway, but I hadn't come up with a plan I really liked. Even after doing my plan on paper I wasn't convinced that it would work, but it had to be done. Plus I've wanted an armchair in my room for ages.

The first 3 photos are the 'before' shots.

To move the larger furniture, like the bed and desk, I had to move a lot of the smaller items out of the room completely, then move them back in again.
Even though I'd put the plan down, I still changed it from the original idea. Not much, but I like the final outcome better. I still have some things to find new homes for, but all the major things are done now.
The next 3 photos are the 'after' shots. I tried to take them from the same position as the 'before' shots.

As you can see, the bed and desk have switched sides of the room. I'm a little disappointed about losing some of the natural light at my desk, but I wasn't going to move the bookshelves. Some of them act as a bit of a sound barrier because the wall is shared by that small, but very necessary room - you know the one I mean!
I'm going to try to get a cover for the arm chair. I'm not so keen on the fabric choice (it used to belong to my grandparents) and it is a little thread-bare in places.
Not bad for a few hours work.

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