Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 TBR Pile Challenge

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How many of you have a TBR pile that is out of control?
Where some of the books have been in the pile so long that you don't remember when you bought them?

That is why I'm  starting this challenge.

I have a bunch of books that have been in my TBR pile since before the beginning of 2013, and I want to read as many of them as possible in 2014.

I have got a start on my pile, but I'll give you a list of the books I plan to get through this year.
The list is in a rough order of when the books arrived on my TBR pile.

  • Where Jesus Walked by Ken Duncan
  • God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew
  • Light Force by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen
  • Glory of Creation by Thomas Kinkade
  • Home Warming by Emilie Barnes
  • Reflections of a Thankful Heart by Lori Wick
  • Cast of Characters by Max Lucado
  • Australian Stories of Hope and Joy by various authors
  • Decorating Without Fear by Sharon Hanby-Robie
  • The Simple Home by Sharon Hanby-Robie
  • Every Day Deserves a Chance by Max Lucado
  • Inspirational Romance Reader: Historical Collection Vol. 1 by Colleen L Reece, Maryn Langer, Norene Morris and Tracie Peterson
  • The Pledge by Jane Peart
  • The Crossing by Gilbert Morris
  • 12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry by Clayton and Charie King
  • The Sword by Gilbert Morris
  • Redeeming Sarah's Present by Mildren Colvin
  • Blues Along the River by Sandra Robbins
  • Christy Miller's Diary by Robin Jones Gunn
  • Romance at Rainbow's End by Colleen L Reece
  • Perfect Ways by Jeri Odell
  • Treasure in the Hills by Paige Winship Dooly
  • Betrayal on the Border by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
  • The Circus Collection by Enid Blyton
  • So You Want to be Like Christ? by Charles Swindoll
  • The Story Girl by L M Montgomery
  • The Golden Road by L M Montgomery
  • Jennifer by Dee Henderson
  • Inspirational Romance Reader: Historical Collection Vol. 2 by Brenda Bancroft, Kate Blackwell, JoAnn A Grote and Sally Laity
No, I'm not telling you which ones I have read so far - you'll have to wait for for my monthly update for that!

You'll notice a wide range of topics in these books - also both fiction and non-fiction. Some are books I've read before, but have been given or bought my own copy in recent years.

Please feel free to join me, and please let me know how you go!

Blessings and happy reading!!
(Updated to cross off those I've read 27.7.2014)