Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Grief ... You Don't Just "Get Over It"

I can tell you now that grieving the loss of someone special doesn't end. It is different as time goes on, and the intensity lessens over time, but there is always an element of grief because you will always miss that person this side of heaven (or that they are no longer around to share things with - like you're grieving over the time that you don't have with them).

I was reading an article today called '10 Things You Should Know About Grieving People'. There are a lot of good things written in it.

When my Dad passed away 6 years ago, it felt like everyone was just going on without me.

Well meaning people said call if you need anything, but what I needed was for them to not forget that I was there and ask me to do something with them. I wasn't feeling up to calling them, and I had been taught not to invite myself places.

One thing I have discovered is that the grief doesn't always hit you when people think it will. So far it is either a little bit before or after the anniversary of my Dad's passing that the grief makes itself known, rather than on the day. One of the biggest things that can trigger it is a smell that somehow reminds me of Dad. It isn't always the same one, and it's not just smells.

I know this post might seem incomplete, and in a way it is, but then my grief is not complete, and won't be until I am no longer on this earth.