Friday, 12 January 2018

Book News

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2018.
Blogging took a back burner last year, partly because there weren't as many books to review, partly because I wasn't doing any reading challenges and partly because my heart just wasn't in it.

At this stage, there won't be any book reviews this year because the Australian Christian Reader's Blog Alliance (ACRBA) will not be continuing for a variety of reasons. Plus although I am still interested in reviewing books, the only options are to get e-books and I just don't read e-books. I have some sitting on my computer waiting to be read, but I really don't like reading on a screen, and you can't curl up in bed with a computer (I don't have a tablet, smart phone or e-reader).

Good news, however, I am once again doing a reading challenge this year.

In 2017 I did the Goodreads Challenge and ended up smashing my goal. I aimed for 120 books and made that by October, ending up reading 150 books for the year! (This was my biggest reading year since 2010.)

For 2018 I am again aiming for 120 books in the Goodreads Challenge. You'll be able to see a button for it on my side bar, but there is actually one more book that I have read, but I can't put it on the Goodreads total because the book can't be found.

The Goodreads Challenge will not be the only challenge that I am doing this year. I'm joining the Bethany House 2018 Reading Challenge!

It will be fun to see what I find for this challenge and I may have read something this year already!
The only rule is that a book can only be used for one category!

Would you like to join in?
Do you have any ideas for books that might work for any of these categories?