Tuesday, 14 October 2014

2014 TBR Pile Challenge - 3rd Quarter Update

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So by now you are well aware that my progress is going really slowly in this challenge.
The year started off well, but that was because I was reading fiction, not non-fiction, which made up about half the pile.
Plus most of the fiction is historical, which I'm not as interested in right now (still not quite sure why).

So, since June I've only finished another 2 books:

  • The Sword by Gilbert Morris
  • Treasure in the Hills by Paige Winship Dooly
I am in the middle of another, but have hit a snag. There was an error in printing and some pages have not been included in the book, while others have been printed twice. I've been in touch with the publisher, but have not yet had a response. It is a book that I read a long time ago (during my teen years), but the copy I was reading is an updated edition.

With the 2 books above, I've now read 18 of 29.

At this point I doubt I will finish the list, but maybe I will challenge myself again for next year. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, how are you going with your TBR Pile?

Saturday, 4 October 2014


When I was young I was taught that it was rude to invite yourself to something.
I've continued to follow that - if I'm not invited I won't go, even if I know it's on.

It wasn't so bad back then - no Facebook, no instant communication (other than phone calls), so mostly I just didn't even know something had happened.

These days you get updates before, throughout and after an event from all forms of social media. So it's hard to see everyone else doing things. Not to mention the fact that I already feel completely left out and disconnected from all my peers. So when I find out that I wasn't even invited to a significant event of someone I consider to be a friend, it hurts - A LOT!!

So, let me tell you, if you want me to be there, you need to invite me!!

Thursday, 2 October 2014