Thursday, 18 November 2010

Parasol Light Shades

I read about these in 'Sisterchicks Down Under' by Robin Jones Gunn.
One of her characters puts one up in her bedroom.

Since then I have wanted to try it for myself because, well there are two reasons - firstly it would fit with the style of my bedroom and secondly my current light shade is extremely boring and the same as all the others in the house.

So I've been looking online to see if I could find some good instructions of how to do it. I have been somewhat successful, but not entirely. The first link has a different style of light than I do - they have a centre screw point for their old shade and two bulbs, one on either side. But they do give great instructions of how to do it, including pictures.

Oh the Cuteness!: I Love Lamp!: "First of all, this is my 100th post which is some sort of milestone, so yay! And secondly, I've got another tutorial for a parasol light fix..."

Parasol Light Fixture : Decorating : Home & Garden Television

This second link fixes the problem of just one central light bulb but I don't like the idea of cutting the parasol and I can't figure out how you would get to the light bulb to change it when it blows (as they definately do).

So the question is, does anyone else have any ideas of how to do it?
I tried a home magazine, but they haven't included my question in their magazine yet (and it's been nearly 12 months since I asked the question).

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