Thursday, 25 November 2010

Blog Award! - The Versatile Blogger

This is only my second blog award! Thank you to Zakiya LadyWings for giving it to me.

When accepting this award, you are asked to:

1) Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. (done)
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (In no particular order...)
4) Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

Seven facts about myself:
  1. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died to save me, and that He is preparing a place for me.
  2. I long for the day when the man God intends for me comes into my life.
  3. I "read" books to my dolls and teddies as a toddler.
  4. My favourite flowers are Forget-Me-Nots.
  5. I collect postcards - mostly I buy them when I'm on holiday from the place where I am, but not always.
  6. I love Ken Duncan Panographs. There is one on the wall above my desk.
  7. I was very excited today to find a bag of marshmallows that only had white ones in it. I don't like pink or any other coloured ones.

Bloggers I am awarding:

Ok, I know you're supposed to award 15, but in reality the blogs I've been following I've been following for a while now. The only recent one is Bugs and Fishes.

So that will have to be it for me. And I have contacted them to let them know.


BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for thinking of my blog, Beth! :)

Casey said...

Thank you Beth!! I appreciate it so very much. :)