Monday, 17 November 2008

Wyn's Sunday Meme

I would like to know what people keep close by their computer for books. So I was thinking that I would start a Sunday feature of my own that includes tagging 4 other bloggers, not necessarily book bloggers. My meme (oringinally from Wyn) is:

1. What book is on the left hand side of your computer or closest to the left hand side?

2. Are you reviewing it, is it your favourite, or is it there for some other reason and specify.

3. Go to page 38 and write down from the 2nd paragraph, the first 4 sentences.

4. Tag 4 friends and pass them this avatar.

My answer:
Ok, I started out with the book closest to where I currently am (at work) and you would be so bored with it (2007 & 2008 Tax Summary) that I decided to cheat a little and tell you about a book that, if I had a computer of my own, would be located to the left of it.

The book is 'Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home' by Emilie Barnes.
I'm reading it because I like Emilie Barnes books (very helpful) and this was the next one of hers on my TBR pile.
There's just one problem - there isn't anything on page 38. It's the page between two chapters!

As for the people I'm going to tag, well the one who tagged me (thank you AusJenny) is almost the only person I would tag except for:

Amanda at


Ausjenny said...

Beth you got out of it well!
im hoping the meme will bring more traffic for you also.

Amanda said...

what's a meme?
Do you want me to answer those questions on a posting on my own blog or here in the comments?
(Sorry I am new to blogging --- and i'm not "with it" so i'm not sure how this works)