Monday, 10 November 2008

7 Random Book Related Facts About Me

Rel over at Relz Reviewz tagged me for this 7 random facts meme, with a twist! The 7 random facts have to be book related facts!

So here goes! I hope others will join in the fun!

1. I have loved books since before I could read. As a toddler I would "read" to anyone who would listen, and often "read" to my dolls and teddies.

2. My Mum used to review all the books that I read before I was able to read them to make sure they were OK. She doesn't do that now because I read a lot more than she does and she doesn't like all the genres that I read.

3. I don't like reading science fiction or fantasy books.

4. I'm not actually sure how many books I own. I have books from when I was a child and teen in boxes in our shed, and my bookshelves are currently overflowing - 2 stacks deep in places.

5. I mostly read Christian fiction, with a few classics thrown in, plus a biography now and then, and a bit of non-fiction.

6. I generally only have one fiction book that I am reading at a time, but I usually have several non-fiction books partly read at one time (I have tried to reduce the number this year and finish a few books that I have been in the middle of for a long time).

7. I rencently discovered that I enjoy hearing books on CD. It started when I was trying to find a good book for my Auntie who can't read at the moment, but loves books.

Care to share any random facts about yourself and books?

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Rel said...

Enjoyed reading these, Beth :) My folks love books on CDs. They are great if you have a long car trip :)

Have a great day!