Wednesday, 16 February 2011

On My Soap Box

I have just started studing Children's Services, but today I got really frustrated at what my teacher was saying.

We were talking about bias and how we need to educate the children in our care to be accepting and respectful of people from other cultures and include things from their culture in the activities we present for them to engage in.

One thing that came up was how prevelant gender bias or stereotypes are present in the books that we read. While this is true, and it is also true that these days it is not always the Dad who goes to work and the Mum stays home, that can still be part of our culture - it was certainly part of my culture as a child.

What I get frustrated about is that we are so mindful of being politically correct and tolerant of everyone else's culture, that we are not allowed to present the culture that we grew up in. This means that children aren't learning about our history and what it was like for us.

I'm concerned that if they don't learn about history, that our culture will be lost to political correctness and the meshing of all of the other cultures introduced to our country via imigrant families.

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