Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Favourite Things - BOOKS

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Here we are, the first of 'My Favourite Things' posts!


I've loved books for as long as I can remember. There are even photos of me "reading" before I was a year old (see below)!

These days I wonder if it may be an obsession. I'm always checking to see when new books from my favourite authors (hmm ... maybe we'll see this topic in the coming weeks) are coming out and getting impatient when they don't get published on time or take ages to make it to Australian stores.

The photo below is if my bookshelves.

The shelves on the far left hold DVDs, but I do have another bookshelf, not pictured here, filled and overflowing with books. You should be able to see at least one double row of books, although the second row on the shelf is not full.

I actually learned to read before I started school. My Mum taught me. I got really upset my first week at school when my teacher made me bring home books without words in them. Other children may have made up stories to go with the pictures, but I just wanted to read the words.

When we would go on long road trips as a family (we crossed the Nularbour Plain 6 times by road), I would always take a stack of books to read, and would always run out. We would often stop at Op Shops to look for more books for me to read.

Not only do I buy books, but I borrow them as well. I am often in the Library looking for new books to read, or re-borrowing favourites that I haven't bought ... yet!

I hope if I have children, I can pass on a love of books to them.

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Karen and Gerard said...

Love your bookshelves. I just recently posted about mine. Hope you will visit our book blog since you love to read so much! Here's the link to my bookcase post: