Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday Fill-Ins 2011 - 02

Ok, so I've missed doing this for the past few weeks, but there has been a lot going on. I was away last weekend at a retreat in a town in country Victoria that is now flooded, plus with world time zones it's often Saturday before I see the Fill-Ins main post in my following list. we go! For the first time in 2011!

1. Right now I need to be somewhere else.

2. Raspberry cordial is what's in my glass on a regular basis.

3. A copy of this letter has been forwarded to my lawyer (he he, not really because I don't have a lawyer).

4. Chocolate mousse is best eaten with a spoon.

5. The best movie I've seen lately is 'The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry'.

6. There are things I like; and there are things I love.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to yet another night at home after picking up my sister from work, tomorrow my plans include going to a farewell afternoon tea, cleaning at church and maybe a little shopping and Sunday, I want to enjoy the fellowship at church, then a BBQ and maybe even head out for a Pancake night!


gengen said...

I like your answers. Happy Friday fill-ins.

Billy Rhythm said...

Ah yes, it's summer down there. Hooray for BBQ. It's winter in Maine USA, and we're knee deep in snow. Come read my answers over at The Philosophy of Chairs.