Monday, 31 August 2009

Design Discoveries

Now that I've started my interior design course I've started buying home decorating magazines for inspiration (and to help with assignments).

They give snippits from a variety of suppliers and then provide a very helpful list of who they used at the back of the magazine.

I love it when I see things from Ikea - especially since I love going there and have a few things from Ikea in my home.

Today I've been inspired by a few items from Equator Homewares.

As a general rule I'm not a fan of woven furniture and wicker baskets (they accumulate too much dust and I'm just not that inspired by it), however among these items are some gorgeous wood and bamboo pieces. I wish I could put some pictures here, but you'll just have to have a look for yourself.

My favorite is the Montego folding writing desk.

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