Wednesday, 18 March 2009


This is the latest puzzle that I completed - well almost. Somehow there are 2 pieces missing from this new puzzle.
It was one of those cheap Kmart ones which I thought looked cute and might be easy to do. How wrong I was. Not about the cute part. About how easy it would be. It looks easy, but the horses and all the snow and snow covered trees were quite difficult. I nearly gave up, but my sisters helped out near the end.
Even the edge was hard. I should have known from just doing it that the rest of the puzzle would be hard too.
I think I've been doing it in little bits at a time for about 4 months, having to roll it up in a special puzzle roll after each session. At least it's done now.
As for those 2 missing pieces, I think I will only find them when I move furniture when we move house.

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