Monday, 16 March 2009

Good at or passionate about?

I've been thinking a lot about my career choice lately and have come to the conclusion that I have never been passionate about accounting - it's just something I do well.

That is probably the source of my discontent and lack of enjoyment at work.

If you have stumbled across my blog and are trying to make a career choice, please keep reading.

Don't do something just because you are good at it. Whatever it is will not give you satisfaction and you will probably end up regretting your career choice. Then you will feel guilty because of all the time and money you spent training to do that particular thing.

Instead, find something that you are passionate about and persue that.

For me, I'm still trying to find what it is that I am passionate about, although I think I have a pretty good idea, it's just completely unattainable at this point.

This is not a new concept. Try reading 'Twentysomething' by Margaret Feinberg.

I've also just discovered another book that she has written, 'What The Heck Am I Going To Do With My Life?'.
I've ordered it and will be waiting because it is exactly about the issue that this whole blog post is about.

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