Monday, 4 January 2016

Get Talking - Kicking Off

For Christmas in 2015 (yes, I know, only just over a week ago) I received a little box. In that little box are 50 cards. And on each card is a question.

They are from Kikki.K, my favourite stationery store.

Finding things to put on my blog has been a bit of a struggle (other than books to review and reading challenges), so I thought this might be something fun for each week.

The first card is:
What are you planning right now?

There are a few things I'm planning:
  • Crafts for Kids Camp
  • Some house cleaning tasks, like washing windows and curtains
  • To make some new notebooks
  • Going grocery shopping
  • How to rearrange my DVD collection (it no longer fits on the shelves)
  • What to do with all the paper scraps from my cardmaking projects
  • How to fit in a cardmaking day before the end of the school holidays (along with what seems like a million other things to do as well as needed rest)
  • How to fully tidy my desk and keep it tidy (I tend to dump things while trying to sort out their actual home)
  • What books to read for this year's reading challenges
  • Making prayer a priority
That's a pretty big list so far, and there are more things I could add.

How about you?
What are you planning right now?

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