Monday, 11 January 2016

Get Talking - Dinner Time!

Card number 2 from my Kikki.K Conversation Starter Cards says:

If you could choose five famous people to have dinner with, who would you choose?
My five are (in no particular order):
  • Queen Elizabeth II
    • My grandparents were the same age as Queen Elizabeth II and it would be nice to hear her tell about her experiences at similar ages as my grandparents. I'd also like to know if she is going to nominate a successor to the crown, or just leave it to the current succession line (e.g, skip Prince Charles)
  • Sir John Monash
    • Sir John Monash was a real forward thinker and planner. I have long admired the way he thought about the need for larger roads and space for them to expand; places for cities to grown and the like. I'd like to know what he would do about some of the situations in my area that we face, and what kind of plan he would come up with to address them.
  • Dee Henderson
    • Dee is one of my current favourite authors. I'd like to ask her about the break she took from writing, if she is going to write a sequel to 'Before I Wake', and how she handles being a single woman.
  • Robin Jones Gunn
    • Robin is another of my favourite authors. There are just so many things we could talk about!
  • John, one of the Apostles
    • John walked and talked with Jesus and he possibly lived longer than any of the other apostles. He wrote my favourite gospel. I'd like to ask him what it was like to be with Jesus.
So, who would you choose to have dinner with?

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