Monday, 19 April 2010

Movie Musings

Are there movies you like, but you're not quite sure why?

'Last Chance Harvey' is one of those for me.

It is a bittersweet film about ... well, life I guess.

It's not a comedy or a romance, although it has elements of both in it. It's not action or drama, although I guess most people would probably classify it as a drama.

Maybe there needs to be a new genre - Life films.

Many people would find this film rather boring.

It's set in London, but you don't see much of the city or the usual landmarks.

I just don't know ... It's just one of those stories that you can't get out of your head.

(Oh, and just a small piece of totally unrelated trivia - there is a location used in the TV show 'Remington Steele' that is also used in the TV show 'Murder, She Wrote'.)

And just for the record, I love Dustin Hoffman's goofy smile.

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