Monday, 31 March 2014

ACRBA Tour - Dave the Donkey by Andrew McDonough

31 March - 4 April  2014
is introducing

Dave the Donkey


Andrew McDonough

About the Book

Jerusalem. A lone rider approaches. The cheering crowd swarm to greet him. The King has come, mounted upon his mighty steed Dave the Donkey! Join Dave, his Grandpa and Jesus in this epic Easter tale of power, courage, death and resurrection. If you like Black Beauty you will love Dave the Donkey.

About the Author

Andrew McDonough is the creator of the popular Lost Sheep resources. He has written and illustrated 21 children's stories that are used in schools and churches around the world. Based in South Australia, Andrew belongs to the WestCare community, an inner city mission working amongst the homeless, supporting people struggling with addictions and advocating for refugees. He regularly visits schools & churches to tell stories, conduct workshops, preach and lead all-age worship services. He and the Lost Sheep team have a passion to provide high quality Biblical storytelling resources to children’s workers, pastors and parents. Andrew’s stories including Cecil the Lost Sheep, Jesus and the Children, Echidnas on Everest and his latest book, Tina the Tree

My Thoughts:
I love this book!!! The funny thing is that as soon as I opened the parcel I giggled. Mostly because I have a brother Dave!! And then as I read the book, it sounded so much like a story my brother would tell and the way he would tell it. And I could hear the voice of my Grandfather with those parts!!!

Another great thing about this book are the resources you can get through the Lost Sheep website (some free, some requiring you to buy them) that go along with this and the other books in the series.

I'm planning to read this on Easter Sunday to the 2-5 year olds in crèche! I can't wait for their reaction!!

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