Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Favourite Things - TEA

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... "a drink with jam and bread!"

My love of tea began as a little girl when visiting Nanna and Papa (Dad's parents). Papa would always offer me a cup and pour it from the tea pot, raising the pot up and down to make bubbles!

The milk ALWAYS went in first and then the tea. Forget tea bags! It was always loose leaf black tea and you used a tea strainer while pouring to prevent the tea leaves from going in your cup.

There was a little chorus that Papa would sing sometimes and I found it. Listen to this (not sure about the choice of picture though):

My current love for different types of tea began more recently after I read Dead as a Scone by Ron and Janet Benrey.
This book, although fiction, got me thinking and interested in the different tastes of the teas mentioned. I even used a Darjeeling Tea packet as a bookmark!

I also found it facinating when the character, Flick (Felicity) was describing what happens when boiling water is poured on the tea leaves. Call it the 'tea dance'!

Anyway, if you want a bit more information about this try having a look at their website. You can find it here.

The idea to include this topic in My Favourite Things, came after seeing an episode of Treasure Hunt on the ABC. It was all about tea caddies and I was facinated by them, plus Tunbride Ware was mentioned. Unfortunately I can't find the episode anywhere to rewatch it, and no other information about it. It was filmed in 2002, so that's hardly surprising.

Anyway, my current interest in different types of tea was fuelled by discovering T2! T2 is a shop that sells teas of all kinds - black, green, white, red, fruit infusions (or as the French say, tisanes). And then they sell everything you need to be able to drink your tea - teapots, infusers, teacups and saucers.

My current favourites are Melbourne Breakfast, Perth Breakfast, Morning Tea (no longer available), and Turkish Apple.

I love being able to go into a store and try the teas they have available for tasting and finding out different ways you could have them. For example, Turkish Apple is yummy warm, but it is also perfect cold. It's one of my favourite drinks on a hot summer day - loaded with slices of fresh apple and a few fresh mint leaves! I really want to try the cinnamon one. I think that may be like spiced apple cider!!

A cup of tea really is a great thing. It can make you feel better when sad, and is best shared with a friend.

I'm even thinking of having High Tea for my next birthday!

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eMelectric said...

Yes! I love tea, too! I'm not very adventurous with the tea I drink, but you're right, a cup of tea can always make you feel better!

Thanks for the T2 link. Twinings have lots of stuff on their website too. If you're ever in London, they have a loose tea bar on The Strand. :o)