Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Fill-Ins - July 15 we go!

1. I hold many things in my hands, but not my toes.

2. My sister is someone I like to travel with because we then get to spend time together.

3. That day, when my Dad passed away, I knew life would never be the same.

4. I start a new career this year.

5. Trust must be earned, sometimes more than once.

6. As for the future, I am in the dark.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to being at home, tomorrow my plans include going to an engagement party and Sunday, I want to enjoy the fellowship at church and a quiet afternoon!


Cathy Kennedy said...

So true, trust must be earned especially if it was broken. Have a good weekend!

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~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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A Kwee Life said...

Those are cute!

Chat Noir said...

Glad you're back - I've been away for a while too. Life gets in the way. Enjoy the party tonight.

eMelectric said...

Great answers!

Lol @ #1! :)

Good luck with your new career and hope you have a lovely weekend!