Thursday, 10 December 2009

God's Plans and Provision

When my job was terminated 2 months ago I wondered what I would do. "Why now?" and "What next?" were the things I wondered.

But now I realise God had a plan all along. My family has needed me, especially in the last 2 weeks in ways that would never have been possible for me if I had still been working.

I currently am sick of driving into the city and dealing with city traffic - it's exhausting, and it's not over yet. But I'm the one who can do it, and the one who is needed.

I still wonder "What next?" but I know God is in control of that too. Meanwhile, I just have to do the things that come across my path each day.

Some of you reading this would know that I hadn't been happy in my job, and career. You may also know that I had no idea what else I wanted to do. That is still the case, but I'm thinking something with children (that isn't childcare, teaching or in the medical or allied health fields - yes, that really cuts a lot out, but we'll see what comes up). All the time I've been working this year, what has given me the most pleasure is my time spent with the children at Good News Gang (for those of you who don't know, that's our youth group for primary age children Kinder to Grade 5). The kids can be absolute terrors some nights, but I still enjoy my time with them, and the planning for what we will do. I learn extra things when I write the Bible lessons that we are teaching. There are bittersweet thoughts about this tonight, because last night we said farewell to the Grade 5 kids who are moving on. I will miss them, even the roudy boys.

So, now I'm looking forward to GNG next year and living in expectation of the changes that will be happening in my life as I discover the next step that God has planned for me and what will be around the next bend in my road.

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