Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Throw Out 50 Things - part 5

I am now half way through this challenge. I'd been wondering if I would make it, given that I'm working full time and with all the Christmas events going on at the moment, but there are some activities that have finished for the year, so I do have a little time to clean out some of my clutter.

So, without further ado, on with the next part of the list:

18. Hair clips - some cute little ones that I wore with a costume one time and will never wear again.

19. An exfoliating glove - came free with some shower gel

20. 70cm decorated Christmas tree - I bought it for my one and only Christmas alone (so far), but looking at it now it's rather boring, and taking up valuable storage space under my bed.

21. An unsused will kit

22. A wad of old payslips - I know longer work for that company and all my tax returns are up to date.

23. Multiple copies of old references - I've still kept the originals though.

24. Several old calendars - extra ones that I didn't even use the year they were for, but they had been sent to me free.

25. A book "Miracles of Life" - shock!!! I've got rid of a book. It was sent to me free, and I've never been interested in it, plus it's taking up space on my bookshelf.

I may have a couple of other books to get rid of soon, so keep checking because I'm thinking about offering them here - FREE to a good home (or if my church library would get started I may donate them there).

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