Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Throw Out 50 Things - part 4

I've really been working on this over the past few days. Last night as I waited for the kitchen bench to be unoccupied so that I could bake some tiny gingerbread men (116 at final count), I went through some things at my desk and resulted in the following items either going in the rubbish bin or the donation bag.

13. A bag of cameral film canisters - I'd been saving them for craft, but they are black plastic and I prefer to see what's in my containers

14. A pencil sharpener - every time I used it it took a big chunk of the penicil wood with it

15. Some rusty safety pins and paperclips

16. Pens - 10 or so plus a couple of pencils

17. A soft toy white rabbit - it has a pull cord at the back which makes it vibrate

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