Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas Spirit

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I have to say that I'm struggling a bit to get into the Christmas Spirit.
Things a wrapping up for the year, and that means I'm very tired, so maybe that's part of my problem.

We don't actually have our tree up yet, although it has now been brought in to the house from the shed (we have an artificail tree). Of course one of the issues there is what our cat will do once it is up. Like the kitty above, Rosie likes to get the tree ornaments, and there are some that she likes more than others.

I also need to get organised and do the Christmas cards, mostly for people at work (I received one today).

It was different when we were kids. There was that extra anticipation. What is it when we get older?
Are we disillusioned by the commercialism? Or have we just lost that joy of childhood?

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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures you find of the kitties.

I too have no idea where the "magic" of Christmas is.