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ACRBA Tour - Twice Stolen by Susanne Timpani

4 - 8 April
is introducing

(Armour Books, 14 February 2016)

Susanne Timpani

About the Book:

After the death of his grandmother, Dimitri finds he's been lied to most of his life. His journey into the Outback to unravel the mystery of his identity leads to an encounter with Leah, a nurse with a tragic secret.

About the Author
Susanne is married, has four beautiful children and works as a community nurse with children and families. Themes of her work and her faith appear in her writing. 

Susanne is the author of the blog, 10 Minute Daily Retreat. These twice weekly reflections on scripture can be read via:

Her first novel, Twice Stolen, was released in February 2016. It fits the genre of Inspirational Fiction, has Australian Aboriginal themes and is flavoured with a sprinkling of Medical Romance.

Twice stolen won the CALEB prize for an unpublished manuscript.  The book is published by Armour Books

My Thoughts:

I wasn't sure about this book when I first picked it up. I didn't know if I would like it, and the blurb certainly doesn't give much away. However, I found it to be a very interesting look at the issue of the Stolen Generation. While I knew of the existence of this crazy practice and unforgivable (to some people) act of tearing children away from parents, it was not something that I had really spent a lot of time thinking about, particularly as it relates to the next generation (and those to follow) who are now in search of their cultural identity.
Susanne says that she is an outsider looking in, and I think she has very respectfully brought awareness of the issues relating to the children who were stolen and their descendants.
One of the things I really liked was the way the Aboriginal Elders who have embraced faith in God still also recognise their Aboriginal culture and draw parallels between the things they have been taught orally and what they have read in the Bible.

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