Monday, 29 February 2016

Get Talking - Skills

What do you think of these so far? Is it making you think about your answers? Giving you ideas of topics that you can talk about with your friends? Are you joining in and answering the questions for yourselves? I hope you are and would love to hear your answers.

The question for this week is:

What skill would you like to learn?

My answer to this is that there are 2 significant things. I would love to learn how to fly aeroplanes and to play the guitar.

Ever since I was a kid learning piano I've wanted to learn to play the guitar. I liked the idea of music being portable and I could still sing while playing (if I ever got that good). Pianos are not portable - although if I learned the piano accordion it would be.

As for aeroplanes ... I fell in love with flying at the age of 15 when I experienced my first flight and got to go up to the cockpit to have a look (back in the day when kids on a commercial flight were still invited to see, before the days of terrorism). I didn't just want to be a passenger (although I do enjoy that too); I wanted to fly myself.

Neither of these dreams are yet to be realised, and I think my fingers are too short to effectively play a guitar, but maybe one day ...

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KCN said...

Oh are your fingers too short? Perhaps not. Someone once told me that you can get different size guitars with smaller neck width so you might be able to find one that your fingers are perfect for. Otherwise there is always a ukulele ;)