Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Reading Part 2

As promised, I am letting you know what I've been reading that is Christmas themed. I'd originally planned to do this weekly, but my life has been crazy busy with finishing work for the year and some rather traumatic changes that are taking place.

So here we go ...

As you know my first book was The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson.

As a cat lover, this was fun! And surprisingly, the cat on the front cover looks a bit like my sister's cat!!

Next came Robin Jones Gunn's Christmas novellas: Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas.

 Back to Melody Carlson for the next 3: Christmas at Harringtons, The Christmas Shoppe and The Treasure of Christmas.

Moving on, Tracie Peterson's Silent Star.

And just finished this morning, we have Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler.

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