Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Fill-Ins - October 19 we go!

1. I hope I can get married before Jesus returns.
2. I don't know what to do when I see a certain person - I usually end up saying something stupid.
3. Boy I sure did enjoy the watermelon I had for lunch the other day.
4. Remind me to call someone sometime.
5. What does the local paper think, that we can read the information on the candidates on a Thursday and get our postal votes in the mail to be recieved Friday?
6. It makes me mad when the DVD I borrowed from the library is so scratched that I can't watch it.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to movie night with my sister, tomorrow my plans include going to Ikea and Sunday, I want to enjoy church and a quiet afternoon - I'm open to invitations out for lunch!


Bernie said...

I can't wait for a good watermelon... Some (last season) were just not quite right...

Annoying when you hire a product, and it doesn't work.... grrrr...

Mines up as well at AussiePomm - Friday Fill-Ins...!!!!

Have a great day!!

The Liebers said...

I love Friday night movie night! Funny story: I just put in a request to borrow a movie from the University library. They called to ask me if I was *sure* I wanted a laserdisc!! I don't have anything that will play a laserdisc!! Guess I have to go back and look for another movie! :)
You can see my answers here! Have a great weekend!

**** April **** said...

Ikea! OOOOH I love that store!

Have a great weekend!

Roben-Marie said...

Had to smile when I read #1! Totally agree with #6 as it has happened to me with Netfix videos and I hope you had a wonderful time with your sister at the movies! Have a blessed weekend! :)