Friday, 13 July 2012

Some Highlights of an Anticipated Day

Yesterday I had a chance to catch up with a friend from high school. For many of you this would not be a big thing because you see them all the time, and still live in the same place where you went to school. For me, however, it is a VERY BIG thing because I completed school in Western Australia 13 years ago and have lived in Victoria for the past 11 years.
So when my friend put on Facebook that she was coming to Victoria I jumped at the chance to catch up.
That day was yesterday and lunch was our catch-up time of choice.

We had lunch at Australia on Collins, where these umbrellas are hanging. They start 4 levels above the food court and it's such a fun thing to see. So many different colours.

It was too bad that I couldn't take one with me, because later I had to stand in the rain while waiting for a tram. Thankfully there was a kind lady standing next to me who shared her umbrella so that I didn't get soaked.
After lunch we headed to my favourite place for hot chocolate. A little out of the way chocolate place that sells real Belgian Hot Chocolate in a variety of flavours. I chose dark cinnamon! Next time I'm going back to milk cinnamon, so if you want me to share my spot with you, you'll have to join me on my next trip to the city.


Amber S. said...

That's awesome! Always good to catch up with dear friends! :)

Those umbrellas are so pretty!


PJ said...

Isn't it the best to meet up with someone you knew from your past..and with chocolate? what could be better! I came here from Friday Fill your blog :)