Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Year Clean and Declutter

What is it about the new year that makes people suddenly have a desire to clean and sort through everything?
Is it the desire to declutter things from the previous year in preparation for re cluttering this year?
Is it that you have no room for the gifts you received at Christmas and need to find a spot for them? I have a friend who has her kids get rid of the same number of toys as they received.

I have to admit that I am doing the same. Part of it is because I have purchased a couple of things for my room - a new desk, desk chair and another bookshelf. I've also removed the armchair that has been in my room. It was taking up space and removing it has made room for my new bookshelf.

I still have some things to organise, but this gives you an idea.
I needed accessible shelf space for folders and larger books, and my new bookshelf does just that. Yes, it is another Billy from Ikea.

I've also been filling bags to go to the Op Shop and have a nearly filled up garbage bag.
Part of sorting has me going through magazines that I've bought/collected. I'm cutting out the pages I want to keep and the rest of the magazine is headed for the recycle bin.

I think I'm getting rid of at least one thing for every day of the year so far, probably more.

With regard to my new desk, it's not perfect. I wish I had been able to see it made up before I purchased it (I got it at Aldi). The drawers aren't as deep as I wanted, only taking up about half the actual depth of the desk. And they don't come out as far as I need - especially the file draw. But I'm working on other things to make up for these deficiencies.

And I'm certain to be making another trip to Ikea because there are some things I saw on my recent trip but didn't purchase and I forgot to use the gift card I had been given for Christmas.

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