Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday Fill-in #120 we go!

1. Join me in trip down memory lane.

2. Put a little giggle in your day!

3. Happiness is knowing that God loves you and has promised to always be with you.

4. Stressed and confused is how I am about my job at the moment.

5. I'm waiting for my Mr. Right to come along.

6. Chocolate is hard to resist.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cross stitching and maybe watching TV, tomorrow my plans include a huge family reunion and Centenary celebration in the Dandenongs and Sunday, I want to go to church in the morning and probably sleep in the afternoon, although there was the thought of maybe having a Good News Gang meeting, or that birthday party I was invited to!


thekoolaidmom said...

Aww... love a little giggle in my day ;-) Kids are good about giving plenty of them, too :-D

meh... I'll take a really good piece of chocolate cake over Mr. Right anyday. I have enough people to take care of.

lol.. see, #6 proves it ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, I hope your job gets better soon. Spending that many hours in the day being stressed and confused is no fun. Do have a happy weekend, with a giggle (love that snswer.)

fickleinpink said...

...we're both waiting for #5!!

happy weekend to you!!!

janetfaye said...

I love Chocolate!

Happy Friday!

Ozzy's Mom said...

same with #6! hehe goodluck finding mr right!

enjoy the weekend!

Ane Fallarme said...

I agree, chocolate is really hard to resist! :-D

And I just know you're going to find Mr. Right. :) Happy hunting.. :)

Billy Rhythm said...

Chocolate--oh yeah!

Yvonne said...

Chocolate is hard for me to resist too! Have a great weekend!

Arlene said...

we have same answers on # 3 and # 6.

Great answers you have here.

Happy week-end!