Monday, 12 January 2009

Throw Out 50 Things - The final count!!

Yes, I did complete this challenge by 1 January!!! I just haven't been blogging since completing until now.
The final 2 items (or groups of items) were decluttered on 31 December.
I still have the Op Shop bag, but it is sealed up and ready to go when I next go past a donation bin. My sister also added a few things to the bag and I have also continued to add things after the challenge finish date, so I have thrown out/decluttered more since then, but haven't counted them.
So here they are, the second half of my list
26. 2 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper (used on 2008 presents)
27. 2007 page-a-day calendar (very nice, but taking up space and obviously out of date)
28. 2 pairs of sandals (one was never comfy, the other has become uncomfy and doesn't match any of my clothes)
29. 2 charm clips (came in a bag of mixed things that I purchased for about $5. I didn't want these)
30. Mini photo frame (came from a bonbon/Christmas cracker)
31. Large key tag (alsos from a Christmas cracker)
32. About 10 floppy disks (I no longer used them and haven't even looked at what was on them for several years)
33. 4 floppy disk cases (since I no longer have the floppy disks, I no longer need the cases).
34. Packet of chewing gum (well past its use by date)
35. Tiny portable radio with ear phones (came as a free gift with a cross stitch order - it doesn't even pick up my favorite radio station)
36. Halogen Desk lamp with spare bulb (I have a new lamp, and this one buzzes when you use it)
37. 6 kiwi fruit spoons
38. bunch of twist ties
39. a business card pouch
40. Cross word puzzle book (half done - the words were very obscure and the clues impossible, I mostly cheated and looked up the answers at the back)
41. Note book (couldn't read what was written on the pages because there was a grid pattern printed on each page)
42. Pen case (not sure what happened to the pen)
43. Paper scraps
44. 2 index books (information in them I no longer need)
45. 'Gumnut' vase (a Kris Kringle gift from a couple of years ago that I never liked and is taking up space)
46. 2004 Melbourne UBD Street Directory (I have an updated one)
47. a HUGE stack of scrapbooking magazines (with the inspiring bits pulled out and put in a display folder)
48. Single bed sheet set (extrememly pilled and the fabric doesn't feel nice. I kept the pillow cases - one for washing delicates in the washing machine and the other is a cover for the scroll frame holding my current cross stitch project)
49. Books that I have double ups of (given to my sister)
50. 28 paddle pop sticks fro scrapbooking rub-ons (I kept a couple to use and the rest went to Mum's craft stash).

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