Friday, 5 September 2008

Just around the bend ...

Where do you think this road leads? What is around the bend?
Don't you just want to follow it and find out?
I know I do.
It reminds me of a line from Anne of Green Gables the sequel, where Anne says to Catherine Brooke, "There's always a bend in the road."
Catherine didn't think so, and said "There's no bend in my road. I can see it streching straight out to the skyline."
It may seem like there's no bend, but I think that's just because we aren't taking the time to dream.
Start dreaming a little, you'll find there's a bend.
It can seem to take a long time to reach the bend. I know I haven't got to one of mine yet, and right now it seems so far away that maybe there isn't one.
But that's when I have to remember that God has plans for me. He has a bend in my road somewhere. If He didn't I'd be able to see all that He has planned for my future.
I can't, so I know there is at least one bend, probably a lot more.
Keep moving toward your bend.
Soon you'll be going around it!
What will you find futher down the road, around the bend?

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