Friday, 24 February 2017

Re-read to Reduce and Giving Away Books

Hi Everyone!
I want to ask you a question (or 2).

I've been thinking about how to reduce the number of books that are in boxes rather than on the shelf and have tried on a couple of other occasions to figure this out. A little while ago I decided that if I wouldn't read a book again, I wasn't going to keep it. Mostly, to remove the books, I have donated them to charity, but I was wondering if there were people who would be interested in having them instead.

If I was to try getting rid of my books, would any of you want to take them off my hands?

Would you be willing to pay the cost of postage? (A few years ago I did this on my blog, and was sent the cost of postage in the form of postage stamps.)

Would you pay a small amount to purchase them?

Or should I just keep donating them to charity?

Please let me know what you think.

This is what my shelves looked like a few years ago. Some of the books I no longer have, and the shelves have all been rearranged. I can't get to the lower shelves anymore because of the overflow boxes of books - I think I'm now up to 10 boxes of various sizes. Plus there are some shelves with a double layer of books. I also have 2 other bookshelves of different sizes in the room, plus my bedside cupboard holds some as well.

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