Monday, 14 March 2016

Get Talking - Family and Thankfulness

Oops! I missed last week. But I'll do double this week.
So, first question:
What's a family tradition you love?
One of my favourite family traditions is that every year we make a new Christmas tree decoration for each family member. I love it because our tree tells a story of the years gone by. We haven't done it every year, but we started in 1992, and since 2003 we have had a new decoration every year. Most are hand made, but some are memory things, like where the item was bought or the year my sister used clear glass balls and put the name of each family member inside. When it comes time for me to start a family of my own, I will have my decorations to use and keep the memories going. Yes, our tree looks very eclectic, but I like it that way. I'm not someone who likes a perfectly colour coordinated and matching tree.

Question 2:
What three  things are you grateful for?
Three things I am grateful for today are:

  • That God sent His Son, Jesus, to take my punishment so that I will not be separated from Him for eternity, but will instead spend eternity with Him in heaven.
  • My family - we may not always agree, but we are there for each other.
  • A day off. Seems trivial, but this term has been hectic with 2 jobs (which is why I missed last week), so I'm glad for a little time off to rest, recharge and get some things done that I haven't had time for.

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KCN said...

You might be surprised that it is me writing this but one of my favourite family traditions is being given a new book each year for Christmas.