Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Introvert in Me

One of the worst things about being an introvert is that the negative voices in your head are generally the loudest, so you hear them the most and start believing what they are saying.

To counteract this an introvert needs a really good group of friends who will allow them to be themselves, while also pulling you out of yourself and your own head.

So really one of the absolutely worst things for an introvert is not to have a few close friends. It doesn't need to be many, because that would be too much for this introvert, but the friends that are there need to be aware that they are going to need to be the ones to initiate things, pull the introvert into their circle and find ways to keep them there.

I am one of these people.

And lately it has been the internal thoughts that have been taking over ... and most of them have been negative. As much as I try to stop those thoughts as they surface, there have been an overwhelming abundance of them of late.

Some of these thoughts have made it onto this blog, but not many - some because the issues are too sensitive to share, or just because I am trying my hardest to not let these negative thoughts take over my life.

Part of the problem and the source of some negative thoughts is the lack of friendship I have been experiencing. There are many reasons for this, some my fault, but most are not.

So if you are reading this, know me, and live anywhere near me, think about how you might be able to get into my life more, and help me get my thoughts off the negative and onto something else.

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