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ACRBA Tour - All In 2 Night by Lynne Burgess

15 - 19 July

is Introducing

(Even Before Publishing March 2013)


Lynne Burgess

About the Author
Lynne and Chris have raised five children who are now adults. Lynne's practical experience comes from the quality time spent with her own children. She successfully implemented her All-In Night for over 16 years using simple yet productive activities that included the whole family. She now shares these ideas at speaking events and through her book.

About the book
All-In Night is a family routine. For one night of the week everyone stays home. By spending ten to twenty minutes together, you can learn and talk about the things that matter. Following on from Lynne's original book this set of new activities is designed especially with Christian families in mind. An activity or discussion point each week. The book includes 40 weeks of activities, designed as 1 per week of the school year.Activities include love languages, listening for God, self-esteem, the fruits of the spirit and many more. These fun and simple family activities provide an opportunity to grow values, goals, hopes, feelings and the foundation for a Christ led life. All-in Night works with two kids or ten. Let it become the heart of your family's life.

My Thoughts

I think I needed to read Lynne's first book, "All-In Night" to fully understand what is in this book.
While this book is not totally relevant for me right now (being a single woman with no children) it is one that I hope to be able to share with friends who are married and have children.
Having time with your family and opportunities to teach your children is so important. In my job, I see families and children falling apart because everyone is too busy to spend time together.
When I was growing up, we didn't have structured nights like this, but we did spend time together as a family. I still remember the ways my parents encouraged us to learn Bible verses (getting Lego boards was exciting - for each dot we learned a new verse)!
Even now, we still spend time around the dinner table as a family and talk about a whole range of topics - serious and funny.
If you have a family (or are planning one) get these books and start having family All-In Nights!

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Michelle said...

I was expecting this book to be a stand alone after chatting with Lynne about it last year. I am looking forward to reading it. xx