Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mother-Daughter Time at Christmas

Hospitality can be about time…one-on-one
By Hannah Packham
Sometimes, it’s hard to find special time for your mom because she always seems available. The holidays can make it more difficult to nurture the mother-daughter relationship. However, this season allows for activities to do with your mom that are not available at other times. Here’s a list of activities that I enjoy doing with my mom:
  1. Make Christmas cookies. You and your mom can make cookies for friends, a charity or for the family. In this case you are getting to enjoy time together, while serving others. The time alone baking is a good time to just talk about life.
  2. Go Christmas shopping together. It’s gotta be done so why not do it together and make it a date!
  3. Wrap together! You can talk while doing it and it puts you in the Christmas spirit. You could even add some hot chocolate and a Christmas movie into the mix to make it even more festive.
  4. Everyone gathers around and shares a meal during the holidays, but someone has to make it. Most likely that person is your mother. Not only would she appreciate your help, but also your company in the kitchen. This is a wonderful time to bond over tradition, family and yummy food.
  5. Take time for tea. Whether it’s at a cozy tea place or in your fire-lit living room, conversation over a cup of tea goes a long way.
  6. One of my family’s favorite parts of the holidays is the decoration. My mom is usually in charge of decorations and I happen to love helping decorate for the holidays. So, set aside a day or a few hours to deck the halls together.
  7. Choose a charity you both support. Make a meal, take people those cookies you made, think of some way you can give back in your community and do it together. Serving can draw you closer and change lives.
  8. With all the family, friends and parties that happen around the home during the holidays, the home itself takes quite a beating. Maybe, one way to spend some time together while showing your mom you want to help is helping her clean. Cleaning the house together can be fun and can result in some laughs and great conversation.
  9. Sit down together and write Christmas cards, or write individual cards to loved ones to accompany the gifts. You could even sneak your mom a note during this activity. It’s a gentle way to say you care. A little note goes a long way.
  10. Now, I don’t knit, sew or garden, but I can paint and so can my mom. If there’s any artsy activity that you both do, sit down together—or get up and go—and get creative. It might even make good gifts for your other loved ones.
Some of these activities appeal to different people, and some are easier than others, but all are good ways to bond with your mom during the holidays while having fun and getting into the spirit! Enjoy!

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Karen and Gerard said...

I like your list even though it makes me miss my mom more! I loved doing things with her or just even hanging out with her and just chatting or watching a TV program together.