Monday, 11 August 2008

Polar Bear

A baby polar bear comes up to his mother and asks, "Momma,
am I a polar bear?"

"Why, yes, son, of course you are a polar bear," she
replies, sending him out to play.

Several minutes later, he returns. "Momma, are you
absolutely sure I am a polar bear?"

"Yes, son, absolutely sure. Now go and play."

Several minutes later, he returns asking, "Momma, you're
sure I'm 100% polar bear?"

"Yes, son, 100% polar bear. I'm 100% polar bear, your father
is 100% polar bear, and all of your grandparents are 100%
polar bear," she responded proudly. "Now go out and play."

Several minutes later he returns again. "Momma, you are
absolutely sure that I am a polar bear? No mixture at all? I
wasn't adopted? I really am 100% polar bear?"

"Yes, son, of course," she replied. "Why do you keep

"Because Momma ... I'm cold!"
Received from Josh Hellums.

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