Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New Year

2007 went so fast, I'm not sure I believe it's over.

You know how as a child you thought a year was such a long time and it seemed to stretch forever?
Well, now life just seems to fly by. The year is over before you know it and a new one begun.

Today is exactly one month to my 26th birthday. I had some dreams about what I'd be doing at this age, but none of them are reality. I wanted to be married and have at least one child, but I'm still single, and there are no prospects of marriage or even a boyfriend at present. I guess I have a little time - my grandmothers were both married at 26 (late for their time). Of course my life is very different to my Mum's. She was married at 19, and I was born before she was 21. I had been joined by a brother and a sister before Mum was 26.

There's all these studies about how women live longer when they don't get married, but men die younger. I'm not sure I believe it. In some circles, there is a lot of stress put on single women because they are single. It's expected that they will marry, and marry fairly early in life.

But I digress ... this is supposed to be about the new year.

What will my life hold this year?

Current plans consist of getting closer to God, continuing to work, complete my CPA studies, work with the children at church as a leader at Good News Gang, do some cross stitch and spend time with my family and friends. Throw in some adventures, maybe a little travel, a good supply of sleep (and chocolate) and that's my life. Of course, I wouldn't mind adding time spent with a boyfriend and maybe getting engaged, but that I have no idea of at present.

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