Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Fill Me!

Tears filled my eyes, my body trembled. My heart was heavy - longing. I looked up at the stars from the depths of my heart and I cried out to God, Lord! I Love you! I want more of You. Please give me more of You."

"There's no room left for me. Not understanding, I cried out again, pleading, "Lord, Please fill me." He gently said, "There's just no more room for me. You have all you can hold." My heart sank and I cried, "Lord, I don't understand, I NEED more of You, Please!"

Then the Lord showed me a big glass vase, a pile of handkerchiefs and a pitcher of oil. He said, "This vase is your heart and I am the Oil." He picked up a handful of handkerchiefs and put them into the vase. He said, "These are your family, these are your cares, your worries, the things that consume your heart and the things you tend to put before Me: family, home, income, entertainment, friends, bills, every anxiety, worry and fear.

Tears fell as I saw the vase FULL. Then the Lord picked up the Oil and poured it into the vase. As He put it down, I saw that the pitcher was Still Full. He said, "you see--- Your heart is already Full. There's so little room for Me. These are all the things that fill and weight your heart, leaving no room for me." My sweet child, give me ALL your cares. That is Why I died. Give me ALL your heart and I will fill you with MYSELF. You want so much more of Me -- then leave room for Me" To be Full of God, is to Surrender ALL.

- Shanna Martinez "Handrails"

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